Anxious About Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs have become a major threat for residential and commercial property owners in Iowa and Illinois. These pests went dormant in the past 60 to 70 years due to the widespread use of DDT, but resurgence has taken off since the late 1990s. Entomologists speculate that the reemergence of bed bugs may be due to increased international travel, the ban on DDT and a higher resistance to currently used pesticides. Bed bugs pose a significant risk and challenge to homeowners and businesses alike. That’s why Quik Kill Pest Elliminators has developed an array of bed bug services to help owners of residential and commercial properties in Central Illinois and southeast Iowa combat their bed bug problems.

Quik Kill Pest Eliminators offers Bed Bug Treatment Solutions

Even a minor bed bug infestation can disrupt day-to-day operations at work or in your home. Infestations are also very difficult to eradicate without proper treatment. Quik Kill Pest Eliminators has several bed bug treatments to offer for all levels of infestation.

  • • Bed Bug Heat Treatments
  • • K-9 Bed Bug Detection
  • • Mattress and Box Spring Encasements
  • • Conventional Pesticide Treatment


Contact Quik Kill Pest Eliminators For Bed Bug Removal!

From pre-infestation planning and inspections to the latest treatment techniques, Quik Kill Pest Eliminators' is first in prevention, management, and treatment of bed bugs. Our specially trained, licensed professionals use the most effective industry-leading treatment techniques to kill all life stages of bed bugs including eggs, which are the most resilient. Quik Kill has the expertise and the right combination of treatments to efficiently exterminate any infestation, regardless of its size or location.

Bedbug WarningNo reputable pest control company can give an estimate to exterminate bed bugs without first inspecting to determine the size and location of the infestation and then determining the most effective treatment method.

Don't be bitten twice.

There are many ineffective extermination options being promoted today, resulting in thousands of dollars being spent on unsuccessful treatments from unreliable or inexperienced providers. As nationally recognized bed bug experts, Quik Kill Pest Eliminators takes great pride in continuing to lead the industry with customer information and state-of-the-art treatment techniques.

Don't choose pest control, choose pest elimination!

With our family's 3rd generation, locally owned and operated company, Quik Kill Pest Eliminators has been providing residential & commercial pest elimination (not just pest control), termite elimination (not just termite control) throughout central and north central Illinois and Southeastern Iowa for over 85 years. Our pest elimination technicians are state licensed and certified, and use only government approved pest management practices. All of our pest services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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