All Termite Treatments Are Not Created Equal


Since 1995, hundreds of thousands of property owners have chosen the Sentricon®* Termite Colony Elimination System as their termite treatment of choice. It is currently installed at the White House, the Statue of Liberty and Independence Hall in Philadelphia. It’s one of the best possible ways to protect your home – your single greatest investment – from subterranean termites.

Be sure to ask the following questions of any pest management professional you consider, and you’ll quickly learn how the Sentricon System surpasses other termite baits.



Question: What’s the difference between termite baits? Aren’t they all pretty much the same?

Answer: No, not at all. Even products within the same class of chemistry have different effects on a termite colony. The active ingredient in the Sentricon System – noviflumuron – affects termites slowly, allowing them to recruit their nest mates to feed on the bait, ultimately causing termite colony elimination. With most other termite baits, the active ingredients may cause termites to die or become ill near the bait station. In these cases, termite nest mates tend to avoid the baited area, reducing the effectiveness of the bait on the colony. Many pest management professionals use a liquid termiticide treatment along with these baits.

In addition, Sentricon is not just a termite bait, it’s a complete system designed to protect homes. As an Authorized Operator for Sentricon, we use an unlimited number of system components – at no extra charge – so you can be sure your property is protected.

Question: Does the termite baiting system you use eliminate the termite colony?

Answer: The Sentricon System was designed to find and eliminate termite colonies and has proven its ability to do so in the United States and other countries. Please review the detailed research data in the literature we have provided you. If you talk to other companies about termite control, ask them to show you published scientific data demonstrating the ability to eliminate termite colonies.

Question: Is there any independent research to back up the claims that this termite baiting system really works?

Answer: The Sentricon System has been tested by 15 universities and the United States Department of Agriculture against all economically important subterranean termite species. Over 30 scientific papers have been published on Sentricon and/or its components and are available for your review.

Question: Can the termite baiting system you recommend be used by itself or must you use a liquid termiticide with it?

Answer: The Sentricon System is a stand-alone termite treatment, which means it does not have to be used with a liquid termiticide. Not all termite baits can be used alone.

The Sentricon Solution

To eliminate existing termite colonies or protectagainst invading colonies, Sentricon stations are placed in the soil around your home. This is much less disruptive to your faimily, buildings and landscaping than other termite treatments.

  • No drilling in floors or foundations
  • No extensive digging or trenching in the landscape and other areas around your home
  • No chemical solution injected in the ground under and around your home
  • No tank trucks of chemical solution
  • No scheduling hassles

Reliable, ongoing asset protection.

The Sentricon System with Always Active technology is available only from specially qualified Certified Sentricon Specialists™, like Quik-Kill who are committed to protecting homes from destructive termites.

The constant presence of the Sentricon System and attention from the professionals at Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators give you and your family peace of mind.


®™* Trademark of The Dow Chemical Company.

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