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Pests are dangerous to the success of every business. Their presence can alienate customers, consume and contaminate stock, create sanitation issues - even cause the loss of an operating license. Whether your facility is a restaurant or warehouse, supermarket or school, you can't risk a pest problem. While the stakes are high, no business is too large nor too small to benefit from the professional pest control Quik-Kill offers.

We provide service to all types of commercial facilities including but not limited to:

•Restaurants •Hotels and Inns •Apartment and Condo Buildings •Factories
•Health care facilities •Veterinarians •Educational and government facilities •Florists
•Food processing plants •Retail stores •Taverns and lounges •Theatres
•Professional Buildings •Research Facilities •Hospitals/ Care Facilities •Bakeries
•Office Buildings •Nursing Homes •Dairies/ Horse Ranches •Bio Tech
•Day Care Centers •Hospice Facilities •Property management firms  


Even the cleanest buildings can have pest sightings and issues. Ants, roaches, rats or mice - all can enter in cardboard boxes and wooden pallets when you receive the necessary items you need to run your business. They also enter though pipes and vents, and through hidden cracks and crevices. Spotting one insect or rodent means there's likely a much larger colony or nest you can't see. Don't rely on over-the-counter chemicals and traps to solve the problem - rely on Quik-Kill for the kind of expertise it takes to eliminate not only the pest, but also the source of the pest as well.

Below is a description of a typical service visit. Contact us for specific information on your commercial property.


General Description of our Integrated Pest Management Service for Commercial Facilities

On our regularly scheduled visits, we will identify specific areas in your facility where pests are likely to occur. These areas are typically food service areas, rest rooms, mop closets, trash areas, break or coffee areas, basements, and any other area where there is ample shelter and moisture. We will monitor these areas visually and/or with sticky traps. We only use a control agent when we find physical evidence of pests or someone in the building reports the sighting of a pest. Most pests can be controlled with odorless, vaporless baits that are placed in cracks and crevices out of sight in areas that we know to be frequented by the target pests. The baits can be safely applied during normal working hours without causing any discomfort to the building occupants.

Sanitation is extremely important in any pest management program. Our technician will point out areas that need your attention. From time to time we may leave you a copy of a written report of conditions conducive to pest infestations. By working together we can provide a pest free environment with very limited exposure of building occupants to pesticides.

What We Do

Our technicians are trained to be “problem solvers”, not pesticide applicators. Traditional pest control typically involves monthly spraying. While many companies continue to embrace this outdated pest management strategy, Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators has chosen to be an industry leader and develop an Integrated Pest Management program which reduces pesticide use while providing effective and cost efficient pest management services. Our progressive program therefore maximizes the use of inspections, baiting, and monitoring, while reducing pesticide applications.

Our mission is to find the source of your pest problems and ELIMINATE them.

Services Provided

Pest Management for all Common Pests:

Pest Bird Exclusion & Remediation Service

Free Pest Identification Service

Bioremediation (Small fly solutions)

Termite Elimination and Prevention Service

Sanitation Review/Recommendations

Consulting Services and More…

Don't choose pest control, choose pest elimination!

With our family's 3rd generation, locally owned and operated company, Quik Kill Pest Eliminators has been providing residential & commercial pest elimination (not just pest control), termite elimination (not just termite control) throughout central and north central Illinois and Southeastern Iowa for over 85 years. Our pest elimination technicians are state licensed and certified, and use only government approved pest management practices. All of our pest services are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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